During your assessment you’ll work with our dedicated eye surgeons to decide the right laser eye surgery for you and your individual needs. You’ll need to consider:

  • Your current prescription.
  • The thickness of your corneas.
  • Your lifestyle, such as whether you're involved in contact sports like boxing or martial arts.
  • Personal preference.

We offer three types of Laser Eye Surgery:

Also consider that:

  • Vision is clearer immediately after SMILE and LASIK surgery while vision will be blurry after PRK for around three to seven days.
  • After the first six to eight hours there is almost no pain after having SMILE or LASIK, while PRK will have some discomfort for about three days, which is managed with eye drops and oral pain medication.
  • Corneal haze is more likely after PRK, and is treated with eye drops.
  • There is no flap with SMILE and PRK so there are no flap complications.
  • PRK can be used to treat thinner corneas.
  • There are risks involved with any laser vision correction surgery.