An infection of the cornea is the worst thing that could happen after laser eye surgery. This has been reported to occur in about 1 in 5,000 cases. An infection following laser eye surgery has never occurred at the Wellington Eye Centre and every effort is made to reduce the risk of an infection following surgery. All instruments are thoroughly sterilised before use and antibiotic eye drops are used both during and after the laser surgery.

Patients are asked to avoid swimming, spa pools, and hot tubs in the first three weeks following laser surgery to avoid infection or contaminants getting in to the eye. Eye make-up should also be avoided for three weeks following laser surgery.

Any increased pain, redness, discomfort or discharge that occurs after your first post laser visit should be reported to us immediately as this may indicate early infection. If an infection occurs, it should be treatable; any delay in treatment may result in permanent severe scarring which in turn may cause significant loss of vision.