We have an impressive record of technical innovation in the field of laser eye surgery and provide three different options. All of our procedures utilise the latest technology combined with our extensive expertise to produce clearer vision. At the Wellington Eye Centre, you can be confident you’re receiving the most advanced techniques currently available, delivered with the utmost care.
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As of 2014, we’re proud to be the first laser clinic in New Zealand to perform the revolutionary SMILE laser eye surgery. SMILE uses one laser machine (the VisuMax® femtosecond laser) to correct short sight. The Wellington Eye Centre was the first laser clinic in New Zealand to install the VisuMax 500 femtosecond laser in 2009. Followed by the VISUMAX® 800 in 2022, which is the second generation and latest femtosecond laser. No other current femtosecond laser has the accuracy, speed and capability of the VISUMAX laser.

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We were the first laser clinic to perform LASIK in New Zealand in 1995 and it continues to deliver impressive results. Utilising two lasers (the VISUMAX femtosecond laser and the MEL 90 excimer), LASIK creates a very thin circular flap of corneal tissue to expose the corneal tissue underneath. This is then reshaped to correct your visual error before the corneal flap is placed back into position.
The combination of these two leading lasers means that we have the most advanced and sophisticated laser eye surgery system available anywhere in the world.

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PRK was the first laser eye surgery procedure performed by Dr Logan, it is known for its very high-quality vision results, with very high safety levels. In PRK a thin layer of corneal skin is removed from the front of the cornea, after which the laser treatment is performed. A soft contact lens is then placed on the eye to protect the skin whilst it heals – this usually takes six days. PRK has made laser vision correction possible for many people who weren’t able to have LASIK due to thin corneas. If you weren’t suitable for SMILE or LASIK, talk to us about PRK.

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