Laser Eye Surgery Nelson & Tasman

The Wellington Eye Centre is now offering Free Laser Suitability Assessments at our Clinic in Nelson. 

These assessments will allow you to discover if you are potentially suitable for laser eye surgery and what benefits laser vision correction could have for your lifestyle.

Optional Hotel Accommodation Package in Wellington

If you are suitable for laser eye surgery and are keen to proceed, then we can look at getting your surgery booked in. Our surgeries are performed in our Wellington based Clinic, so we offer a one-off hotel accommodation package for you and an accompanying person during your stay in the capital, subject to terms and conditions. Typically you would arrive the day before your surgery for a medical assessment and have surgery on the following day, with a follow-up appointment the morning after surgery, before you head home. The accommodation package includes a two night stay in Wellington for just $100, subject to availability.

12 Months Interest Free Finance

While laser eye surgery can be cost effective in the long term, we appreciate that it is an expensive investment. So we also offer 12 months interest free finance through Gem Visa and Q Card, subject to their standard terms and conditions.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with the accommodation package stated above, but talk to us to find out more about what other options might suit you.

Types of laser eye surgery we offer

If you are travelling across to the North Island for your laser eye surgery then you will want to know you are getting the best possible treatment for your eyes and lifestyle.

At the Wellington Eye Centre, we have a suite of Carl Zeiss lasers that offer some of the most advanced latest technology for laser eye surgery. We offer the following laser eye surgeries:

● Presbyond Blended Vision for eliminating reading glasses

Postoperative care in Nelson

It could be a bit of an inconvenience to get all the way back to Wellington for your eye tests and checks following eye surgery. That’s why we will arrange your post-operative care with your local optometrist at no cost to you.

You’ll need several eye check appointments following your surgery, at:

● 1 week post-op
● 1 month post-op
● 3 months post-op
● 6 months post-op

At these follow-ups your optometrist will take various eye measurements to check on your healing process and we will also keep in touch with you.

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