Let the Wellington Eye Centre expertly guide you through the steps to clearer vision. Our eye clinics have some of the most sophisticated assessment equipment available in New Zealand. Choosing to have laser eye surgery is a big decision so we offer thorough initial assessments. This means that we can be sure you’re suitable for laser eye surgery and, more importantly, that you’ll get the results you want.
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Free Suitability Assessment

Your journey to clearer vision begins with a free 60-minute appointment with one of our highly qualified technical staff at our Napier or Wellington clinics. By the end of the appointment, we’ll have determined your suitability for laser surgery. If you’re suitable, you can then book a medical assessment.
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The Medical Assessment

If your initial assessment shows that you’re a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery, you’ll have a 60-minute medical assessment with an expert eye surgeon at our Wellington, Napier or Nelson clinics. This assessment ensures that you have all the information you need to decide which is the best treatment for you and to proceed in confidence.

The medical assessment allows our eye surgeon to check your focusing carefully and the general health of your eyes before discussing your treatment options, including the risks and chances of a successful outcome.

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to have all your questions answered, in an obligation-free environment. Rest assured that you have the right to withdraw from the process at any time if you decide that laser eye surgery isn't for you.

This assessment has a small fee, which will be deducted from the cost of surgery if you decide to proceed.

If, after this assessment, you're suitable for surgery and you still wish to proceed, you can then book your surgical appointment.

On the Day of Your Laser Eye Surgery

Our aim is to make your laser eye surgery as stress-free and non-intimidating as possible, which is why we’re with you, every step of the way.

Your consent document would have been provided to you at the time fo booking your surgical appointment.

When you first arrive, you'll be asked to sign an informed consent document and given the opportunity to ask any further questions. A member of staff will spend time with you to explain the procedure and what you'll need to do following the surgery.

Before the surgery begins, you’ll also meet with your operating surgeon who’ll discuss any last minute points with you, as necessary.

Then it’s time for surgery - approximately 20 minutes for two eyes.

Once complete, you’ll be asked to come back the following day to have a check-up and then again approximately seven days, one month, three months and six months post-surgery.

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Read our FAQs about laser eye surgery or book your free suitability assessment.