Laser Eye Surgery Queenstown

If you live in the Queenstown area and are thinking of having laser eye surgery, the team at Wellington Eye Centre can help. We offer a premier out of town package.

Why consider having laser eye surgery out of town?

Here are just a few reasons to choose Wellington Eye Centre:

  • Our excellent out of town package, which includes a hotel accommodation package in Central Wellington at the time of your surgery as well as assessments and follow up appointments with your local optometrist in Queenstown.
  • Extensive range of laser procedures including SMILE laser eye surgery.
  • Affordable payment options to ease the stress of getting clear eyesight.
  • The latest technology and a highly experienced team, with an excellent track record of results and patient care.

We were the first New Zealand clinic to offer LASIK in 1995. We were also the first clinic to introduce LASEK and revolutionary SMILE eye surgery.

Our wealth of experience and access to world-leading, advanced equipment will give you peace of mind. You’re in the best hands.

Having your laser eye surgery in Wellington

Free Queenstown laser suitability assessment

Your initial suitability assessment can be performed in Queenstown with your local optometrist. If you proceed with laser eye surgery with the Wellington Eye Centre, we will reimburse you the cost of this assessment. If you wish to travel to one of our clinics, we can offer a free suitability assessment which checks to determine whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery.

A great Wellington hotel accommodation package

We offer you a hotel accommodation package when you come to Wellington for your surgery, subject to terms and conditions. This includes two nights accomodation for you and a support person for just $100. The hotel is located just a short walk away from our clinic within central Wellington. We appreciate that you are away from home so would like to make sure that your experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Terms and conditions do apply, so please ask if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

Local Queenstown post-operative care

Travelling from Queenstown to Wellington for post-operative care would be a major inconvenience. For this reason, your standard post-operative care can be completed with your local optometrist at no cost to you.

Easy payment options

We understand that the cost of laser eye surgery is a significant investment in your vision, and that paying in instalments may be an easier option.. We offer 12-months interest free finance with GEM Visa and Q Card to help allow this stress-free process. Visit their websites to find out more.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with the accommodation package stated above, but talk to us to find out more about what other options might suit you.

If you would like to know more about our out of town package for Queenstown patients, or get any further information on the treatments we offer, contact our team today.